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Изготовление шлицевых валов
UAH 100/pc
Матрица, PE, Kherson
Компания  ЧПКП "Матрица" предоставляет услуги по изготовлению шлицевых валов. Шлицевое (зубчатое) соединение - соединение вала (охватываемой...
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Женские фартуки для продавцов, пошив оптом модных фартуков
Wholesale price
UAH 140-160/pc
Форма, LLC, Kiev
Фартуки-накидки для продавцов торговых сетей и сферы обслуживания: - шьем любых цветов и моделей, размеров - дополнительно шьем козырьки, кепки,...
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Поликарбонат Polygal (Израиль, Украина, Россия) 10мм
$12/sq m  
Wholesale price
Степаненко С.В., SP, Odessa
Гарантия на Весь поликарбонат 10-15 лет, в зависимости от производителя! Продам сотовый поликарбонат производства Израиль, Украина, Россия....
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Лист алюминиевый рифленый (квинтет)
UAH 138/kg
МетЦвет, LLC, Kharkiv
Алюминиевые листы рифленые, квинтет. Марок АД0 и АМГ доступная толщина : 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5 мм. доступные раскрои: 1000х2000, 1250х2500,...
Set for bathroom Amande
LG Hi-macs, LLC, Kiev +159 ads
The model is available in size 700 mm and 900 mm; Available in 2 glossy colors: white and black; Accessories: chrome; The model is complemented by...
Potato & vegetable storage box
Price on request
Бегма Д.В., SP, Kherson +24 ads
Wooden container!!! Produce boxes high quality build. Will oberem container for your vegetable store and directly under Your products. The...
Ukraine Exports and Imports Data, Verified Partners Search
Камион-ТЕХ, LLC, Kiev +22 ads
- Helping to Find Verified Trade Partners in Ukraine (Buyers / Manufacturers / Suppliers) - Searching for Clients / Suppliers for Ukrainian...
Used Cooking Oil
Price on request
Сервиспостач Плюс, LLC, Kiev +2 ads
Sell refined Used Cooking Oils (UCO). Vegetable raw materials Produced in Ukraine Quality indicators : - FFA max 3% - I + V max 1% - Iodine Value...
JP54, A1, D2, D6, M100, Crude oil, gasolene, LPG, LNG
Price on request
Аудиотелком, LLC, Odessa +10 ads
I sell aviation kerosene JP54, There are also A1, Diesel D2, D6, M100, Crude oil light, all types of gasoline, LNG, LPG. Prices below Platts....
Egg powder price in Ukraine
Price on request
Агроснаб., LLC, Kiev +71 ads
Egg powder made of fresh hen eggs possesses the quality of fresh eggs, but is much more safe from the bacteriological point of view and is more...
Nissan Murano Pathfinder Teana 25491-4w300 Switch Seat Memor
Ниссан, LLC, Chernivtsi +103 ads
Nissan Murano Pathfinder Teana 25491-4w300 Switch Seat Memory
Firewood beech
70/Ящик (ящ)  
Wholesale price
from €67/pc
Федорнак О.М., SP, Perechyn +3 ads
Firewood beech chipped in boxes of size 1 × 1 × 1,7m. Box price 70€ on FCA-Uzhgorod terms
Henry Browne and sun LTD
UAH 24,500/pc
Тимофеев А.В., SP, Mykolaiv +151 ads
Henry Browne and sun LTD
The CRANE TEREX / MB platform gear/2013/ 100t
Viniarski R., SP, Kiev +18 ads
Mobilny kran TEREX na baze mobil'noj platformy MB, gruzopod'emnost'ju v 100t. Sostojanie otlichnoe . Vylet strely svyshe -54m. Podrobnaja...
Pine timber | lamber. Export from Ukraine
$110/cu m
Агро Профит trade, LLC, Borodianka +19 ads
Pine timber|lamber. Export from Ukraine Our company has been producing various types of sawn timber for over 6 years. We carry out orders for...
Wooden box, wooden container for fruit storage.
UAH 500/pc
УкрДеревТара, LLC, Dnipro +19 ads
Wooden box, wooden container for fruit storage. LLC "UkrDerevTara" produces and sells wooden containers (boxes) for storing apples and other...
We have fresh stock of coca cola 330ML and red bull
We have fresh stock of coca cola 330ML and red bull energy drinks Origin: Denmark please contact directly, call: +4536967498 email:...
Makuch sojowy
Price on request
Гавришко А.П., SP, Pidvolochysk +9 ads
Makuch ekstrudowany z nasion soi. Makuch sojowy ekstrudowany powstaje podczas ekstruzji i tłoczenia ziarna soi. Soja poddana ekstruzji przewyższa...
Filter FTF-system
Price on request
FTF-system, LLC, Kharkiv +48 ads
Filter FTF-system Filter with active self-cleaning system FTF-system is: - Easy maintenance. - Reliability. - Ease of operation. - High...
  98042213zd 9659997680
Price on request
Дрик М.В., SP, Irpin +22 ads
N.98042213zd N.9659997680
Fishflour line
UAH 100/Комплект (компл)
Tehno-T, LLC, Nizhyn +45 ads
Line of fishmeal URM-30 (old name A1-IZR): The unit consists of a bunker, a press, a twin-screw press, a dryer, a magnetic trap, a hammer mill,...
Wholesale price
Старов В.В., SP, Kharkiv +6 ads
I will sell flower honey. Environmentally friendly product. Without GMO.
198-30-32900 - Komatsu -BOGIE PIN
Price on request
Pardis Parts Distribution, LS, TR +4 ads
198-30-32900 - Komatsu -BOGIE PIN
Granite from Ukraine. Supplies of granite for export.
Price on request
Ларгостарх Стар Берг, LLC, Zhytomyr +455 ads
Granite from Ukraine. Supplies of granite for export.
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Pos system 15, 6 inch
UAH 15,500/pc
Афтений, SP, Lutsk +3 ads
15,6 inch Pos system Included : LCD panel (A Grade, Full new) Projected Capacitive touch screen (10 points) Resolution : 1920*1080 Brightness...
230/t CIF
SHA APS INC, Inc., US +1 ad
Product Type: Liliaceous Vegetabless Type: Onion Style: Fresh Cultivation Type: Common Part: Non-Peeled Shape: Round Maturity: 100% Size (cm):...
"Colloid mill "MС"
Пашков В.А., SP, Dnipro +67 ads
"Colloid mill "MC" Production, l/h: 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2500, 5000, 10000, 20000. 2-3 moon.
Mated Carpathian Queenbees of high quality
Дім меду, PE, Mukacheve +2 ads
Mated Carpathian queen bees from the breeding apiary of Vasyl Haydar, a well-known breeder of Carpathian Bees, master beekeeper and researcher as...
Proline Promag W 300
Price on request
Центр электротехники и..., LLC, Kiev +89 ads
Proline Promag W 300 The premium device for water and wastewater measurement Promag W 300 was designed for reliable use in hazardous areas and...
Unsere Firma verkauft Brennholz Dry Buche 15-20%! Die Qualit
Price on request
Kaminholz, LLC, Stryi +4 ads
Unsere Firma verkauft Brennholz Dry Buche 15-20%! Die Qualität des Holzes ist garantiert! Bitte telefonisch Brennholz bestellen : 00380676732350...
Export of charcoal for BBQ in polypropyelene bags
Price on request
Вивавуд, LLC, Uzhhorod +2 ads
Our company Vivawood from Ukraine exports charcoal in polypropylene bags to Europe. Our charcoal is usually hardwood ( oak, horbeam, sometimes...
2016 yamaha r1
Wheels motorcycles, LLC, Kharkiv +6 ads
The new YZF-R1 blurs the line between MotoGP and production superbike like never before.. MotoGP, the highest form of motorcycle racing, is our...
Refined deodorized frozen Sunflower Oil
Wholesale price
from $0.75/bottle
Gross Trading, LLC, Kiev +13 ads
We offer refined deodorized frozen Sunflower Oil, packaged in PET bottles of 0.85 l, 1 l, 3 l, 5 l, 18 l, 20 l, 25 l Bottled sunflower oil comes...
Foundry mechanical plant, 19000 m2, 5000 kW
InvestAktiv, LLC, Kiev +1 ad
6pcs induction furnaces: 1000, 400,400, 400, 900, 160 kg. Other: beam crane, gantry crane, welding machines, compressors, shot blasting...
Wooden Briquettes (PiniKay, Ruf, Nestro)
Wholesale price
Holwood, PE, Mizhhirya (Ukraine)
We offer PiniKay briquettes of our own production, RUF and Nestro briquettes from our partners. Packaging options vary. We can use tape or big...
Softwood sawn timber (spruce, fir)
Price on request
NOYA7, LLC, Ivano-Frankivsk +14 ads
We sell fresh and kiln dry softwood sawn timber (spruce, fir) of the following sizes: thickness: 25; 30; 50; 75; 100; 120; 150; 200 mm width: 50; 100; 120; 150; 200...
Pine and Oak - Lumber and Timber from Ukraine
Price on request
Log House, LLC, Radomyshl +30 ads
We are wood sawing company. We saw and export Pine, Spruce and Oak 1-3 grade quality. Our company is situated in Kiev. Our company is engaged in...
Lamella, Impiallacciatura, tavola, piatto di tara, blockport
Wholesale price
€130-740/cu m
Акритидис Империал, LLC, Chernivtsi +27 ads
Lamella : prezzo da 650 euro a 740 euro per m3 Impiallacciatura(pino, ontano, pioppo tremolo, betulla, pioppo): prezzo da 350 euro a 390 euro per...
MTF-112-6, 211-6, 311-6, 412-6.
Price on request
ПТО Комплект, LLC, Kiev +87 ads
MTF-112-6,211-6,311-6,412-6. MTKF-112-6,211-6,311-6,412-6.
Ash boards edged dry 8% 50/30mm 3m AA/AB rade. Export.
Price on request
ГРОВ ВУД, LLC, Sumy +27 ads
Ash boards not edged dry 8% 50/30mm 3m AA/AB grade. Export. We propose best quality of ash boards, good price policy and service. We are always...
For sale their 2 non-selfpropelled dry cargo hold barges
Martkom, LLC, Odessa +39 ads
For sale their 2 non-selfpropelled dry cargo hold barges as follows: 6000mt Deadweight on 5.00 m draught Built in 2012 by Western Baltija...
Kontti (siirrettävä) viljan varastointiin ja jakamiseen
ТПК Агромаш, LLC, Kharkiv +8 ads
Valmistusyritys valmistaa ja toimittaa kontteja, bunkkereita, säiliöitä, erilaisia ​​astioita Euroopan markkinoille viljojen ja muiden...
Brewer yeast, fodder yeast
UAH 1/t  
Wholesale price
Cивер-Агро, LLC, Chernihiv +24 ads
Our company sells brewer yeast on export from Ukraine. Also sells fodder yeast-based brewers' grains. Packaging - big-bag (1 t.) or polypropylene...
Sugar biscuits in range
Price on request
Агро-Юг-Сервис, LLC, Mykolaiv +12 ads
Sugar biscuits in range: - Tea Biscuits - Honey Bee Shelf Life: 6 Months Texture: Crispy Place of Origin: Ukraine Packaging: 3.5 kg, 0.9 kg
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