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Ремонтов гидробортов
Price on request
Стройгидросервис, PE, Dnipro
Осуществляем ремонт гидравлических узлов гидробортов: - ремонт гидроцилиндров (замена уплотнений, штоков, креплений, клапанов) - ремонт...
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Продам МТЗ 422
UAH 39,870/pc
Агро-Мир, OJSC, Hlukhiv
Бесплатная доставка по Украине В комплекте плуг фреза косилка фронтальный погрузчик Универсальный Трактор  Беларус (МТЗ) относится к тяговому...
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Сиденье пилот в камаз маз мтз хтз юмз Дон трактор беларус
UAH 7,500/pc
Pilot-brd, LLC, Berdyansk
В наличии самый большой и лучший выбор сидений в Украине! Гарантия на сиденья от 2-х лет !
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Leberg LBS-LOK10/LBU-LOK10
UAH 6,199/pc
Климатика, LLC, Kharkiv
Тип компрессора Обычный Тип установки внутреннего блока Настенный Режимы...
Potato & vegetable storage box
Price on request
Бегма Д.В., SP, Kherson +23 ads
Wooden container!!! Produce boxes high quality build. Will oberem container for your vegetable store and directly under Your products. The...
Animal feed production equipment set, 3 t/hour and more.
10,800/set of equipment  
Wholesale price
€9,500-9,800/set of equipment
Ерна, PE, Uman +92 ads
Plants for animal feed production, capacity of 3 tons per houror and more. Sets of equipmen for animal feed production The plants for animal...
Ash boards edged dry 8% 50/30mm 3m AA/AB rade. Export.
Price on request
ГРОВ ВУД, LLC, Sumy +27 ads
Ash boards not edged dry 8% 50/30mm 3m AA/AB grade. Export. We propose best quality of ash boards, good price policy and service. We are always...
Nissan Murano Pathfinder Teana 25491-4w300 Switch Seat Memor
Ниссан, LLC, Chernivtsi +94 ads
Nissan Murano Pathfinder Teana 25491-4w300 Switch Seat Memory
TB-TK-61-3401 Solenoid
Мастерхолод, PE, Chernivtsi +1020 ads
TB-TK-61-3401 Solenoid
Modernization of a steam boiler of the DKVR series lining.
UAH 1,457/pc
Научно производственная..., Corporation, Kiev +34 ads
Modernization of a steam boiler of the DKVR series lining. Abstract During major overhaul of the lining of a DKVR-10/13 boiler PP Spetsinzhstroi...
Proline Promag W 300
Price on request
Центр электротехники и..., LLC, Kiev +89 ads
Proline Promag W 300 The premium device for water and wastewater measurement Promag W 300 was designed for reliable use in hazardous areas and...
Ukraine Exports and Imports Data, Verified Partners Search
Камион-ТЕХ, LLC, Kiev +21 ads
- Helping to Find Verified Trade Partners in Ukraine (Buyers / Manufacturers / Suppliers) - Searching for Clients / Suppliers for Ukrainian...
  98042213zd 9659997680
Price on request
Дрик М.В., SP, Irpin +21 ads
N.98042213zd N.9659997680
"Colloid mill "MС"
Пашков В.А., SP, Dnipro +68 ads
"Colloid mill "MC" Production, l/h: 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2500, 5000, 10000, 20000. 2-3 moon.
Wooden box, wooden container for fruit storage.
UAH 500/pc
УкрДеревТара, LLC, Dnipro +18 ads
Wooden box, wooden container for fruit storage. LLC "UkrDerevTara" produces and sells wooden containers (boxes) for storing apples and other...
Filter FTF-system
Price on request
FTF-system, LLC, Kharkiv +48 ads
Filter FTF-system Filter with active self-cleaning system FTF-system is: - Easy maintenance. - Reliability. - Ease of operation. - High...
Price on request
Ачылов Н., SP, TM
I am selling masks. L/C.
REAR Link Rod Leveling-Height control sensor
Петров А., PE, Kiev +192 ads
We offer Link Height control sensor, HeadLamp Level sensor Link. The headlights of your car are very low or blinding oncoming drivers (air...
Firewood beech
75/Ящик (ящ)  
Wholesale price
from €70/pc
Федорнак О.М., SP, Perechyn +3 ads
Firewood beech chipped in boxes of size 1 × 1 × 1,7m. Box price 75 € on FCA-Uzhgorod terms
Used Cooking Oil
Price on request
Сервиспостач Плюс, LLC, Kiev +2 ads
Sell refined Used Cooking Oils (UCO). Vegetable raw materials Produced in Ukraine Quality indicators : - FFA max 3% - I + V max 1% - Iodine Value...
Softwood sawn timber (spruce, fir)
Price on request
NOYA7, LLC, Ivano-Frankivsk +13 ads
We sell fresh and kiln dry softwood sawn timber (spruce, fir) of the following sizes: thickness: 25; 30; 50; 75; 100; 120; 150; 200 mm width: 50; 100; 120; 150; 200...
Price on request
Голд, LLC, Kiev +158 ads
Selling drive belts for combine harvesters Claas, NH, Massey Ferg., John Deere.
Brush handle
Wholesale price
Дерево, PE, Chernivtsi +1 ad
I will sell a brush hand wholesale and stuff
Mated Carpathian Queenbees of high quality
Дім меду, PE, Mukacheve +2 ads
Mated Carpathian queen bees from the breeding apiary of Vasyl Haydar, a well-known breeder of Carpathian Bees, master beekeeper and researcher as...
Уквесттрейд, LLC, Ternopil
Pellets A2 (fuel pellets), due to high caloric content, low ash content and a small fraction, allow them to be used in mechanical and automatic...
Natural and pure natural drinking water
Wholesale price
Natural and pure natural drinking water from the bowels of the Republic of Belarus, which is famous for its rich natural gifts! Our company is...
Fodder yeast
Wholesale price
from €225/t
Cивер-Агро, LLC, Chernihiv +24 ads
SIVER-AGRO LLC is a domestic manufacturer of high -quality feed additives for farm animals. The main activity of the company is the production of...
Business with rabbits
Price on request
Раббакс Текнолоджи, LLC, Mukacheve +10 ads
The organization of farms and business. Ecology pure painless technology raise of rabbits. The return more than 3000 % in year.
Sanden SD7V16 Volkswagen Skoda Peugeot
UAH 5,720/pc  
Wholesale price
from UAH 5,710
Урганова О.Л., SP, Kharkiv +385 ads
GOLF/ GOLF IV/ BORA/ NEW Beetle Jetta A4/ NEW Beetle/ NEW Beetle Cabrio/ Octavia MK1/ 306 Jetta A4/ NEW Beetle/ NEW Beetle Cabrio/ Octavia/...
1/t CIF
Getsov S., i.p., CZ
Hello, We are looking for delivery of CDRO 30 ppm? Delivery terms CIF, FOB ... ?! Monthly quantities from 5000-12500 MT. Deliveries every month...
Matrix, stamps, pres-molds, puncheon
Wholesale price
UAH 4,000/pc
Універсальні інженерні рішення, LLC, Lviv +14 ads
The engineering production company with a qualified staff of workers propose and make various manufacturing equipment for small and medium-sized...
Mercedes Sprinter 319 L2H2/2013/ LKW
Viniarski R., SP, Kiev +16 ads
Sprinter 319-srednij;3.0DCI-190kM. ABS, SRS, ESP, EDC, Tempomat, Vebasto, Klimat - control, Mult-rul;Pilot-kreslo;3-mesta v salone;Radio-CD,...
Livestok / cattle transport
Price on request
IMCB АГРО-Украина, LLC, Kiev +1 ad
Transportation of livestock (bulls, cows, heifers) across Ukraine, as well as to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia. One car carries up...
Pine and Oak - Lumber and Timber from Ukraine
Price on request
Log House, LLC, Radomyshl +30 ads
We are wood sawing company. We saw and export Pine, Spruce and Oak 1-3 grade quality. Our company is situated in Kiev. Our company is engaged in...
Steel constructions for buildings
Wholesale price
Завод металоконструкцій..., LLC, Zhytomyr +2 ads
Our plant makes constructions different levels of complexity, and other elements of metal constructions according to the specifications provided...
Halal Beef (Bull) Meat
Price on request
Агросоюз-Захид, PE, Lviv +37 ads
Halal Frozen Beef (bulls under 2 years): 1) frozen boneless beef (bull meat) cuts: - neck, shoulder, rib, striploin, topside, knuckle, eye round,...
Price on request
ТД Викивуд Юкрейн, LLC, Ivano-Frankivsk +9 ads
The Ukraine company OOO Trade House Vikiwood Ukraine is ready to offer you edged timber. Type of tree - beech. We are a industrial company....
Pini Kay oak briquettes
Наш Дах, PE, Lviv +9 ads
Pini Kay oak briquettes Permanent sale of fuel briquettes from oak for heating and others. They are much more profitable firewood in all...
Native Corn Starch, Waxy corn starch, Wheat starch, Glucose
Interstarch Ukraine, PJSC, Kiev
- Starches: corn, waxy (amylopectin) corn, wheat; - Pre-gelatinized (cold- swellable) starches for food and industrial applications; - Liquid and...
Instant noodles TM Golden Dragon
Kuhovar, LLC, Kharkiv
Ukrainian instant noodles, TM Golden Dragon is producing at a picturesque place of Kharkov region, in Ukraine at the territory of the sources of...
Export of charcoal for BBQ in polypropyelene bags
Price on request
Вивавуд, LLC, Uzhhorod +2 ads
Our company Vivawood from Ukraine exports charcoal in polypropylene bags to Europe. Our charcoal is usually hardwood ( oak, horbeam, sometimes...
Nissan Pathfinder 25536-EA000 25536-ZP20A
Ниссан, LLC, Chernivtsi +94 ads
Nissan Pathfinder 25536-EA000 25536-ZP20A
Thermo King Smart Reefer Multi-TEMP uP IV Controller 45-2427
Мастерхолод, PE, Chernivtsi +1020 ads
Thermo King Smart Reefer Multi-TEMP uP IV Controller 45-2427
Egg powder price in Ukraine
Price on request
Агроснаб., LLC, Kiev +69 ads
Egg powder made of fresh hen eggs possesses the quality of fresh eggs, but is much more safe from the bacteriological point of view and is more...
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