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Flagmа Calculation! maps Fastest, Shortest and Economy routes in one distance calculation request and tabulates distances between cities and road segments .

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Distance calculations with Economy routes

Economy route – is a route that requires minimum fuel consumption. Fuel consumption is calculated as a total amount of fuel consumed on each part of the way with a due account of the road type: Freeway, highway,... In the calculation form please enter the fuel consumption for highway driving according to the specifications of your vehicle.

Calculations of distances between cities with Economy routes are based on Flagma's own data on the roads of Ukraine and 22 countries of Europe and Asia. For distance calculations in other countries there are no Economy routes available and fuel consumption is calculated by multiplying distance by standard fuel consumption rate.

We constantly add new roads and update our data on the existing roads after obtaining information from different sources. Our maps have an Error button - please inform us about any errors and about new roads - we can quickly verify the information and update our database accordingly.

Routes are offered by Flagma for informational purposes only. The website Administration is not responsible for the accuracy of the route information. When planning your route, please take into consideration the current state of the roads and weather conditions.

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