The industrial Base of Kazakhstan,Akmola region- 4.6 hectar.
249,610 / pc
Present to your attention a plot of land located in a favorable place...
Group of companies contact..., LLPlLimited liability company (ТОО), KZ
Plants for animal feed production, capacity of 1t/h or more
4,800 / set of equipment  4,500-4,700 / set of equipment wholesale
Plants for animal feed production, capacity of 1t/h or more. Sets of...
Ерна, PE, Uman
Haas Vf 3
68,900 / pc FCA  UAH 68,900-68,000 / pc wholesale
Table size : 1219 X 457 mm year : 2015 Axis : X - 1016mm Y - 508mm Z...
ООО Стигнал, LLC, IL
Sunflower oil plant
$30,000,000 / pc
The plant for the production of sunflower oil. Production capacity...
Торекс, LLC, Zaporizhia
Rubber refinining mashine L800 ( mashine for regeneration
$12,000 / pc  $12,000 / pc wholesale
Rollers-Rubber refinining mashine l 800 (mahinene for registration...
Гумаимпекс, LLC, Bila Tserkva
Band saw blades for metal
7 / Погонный метр (пог. м)
Our Band saw blades for metal are made from Bi-metallic alloyed steel...
Lenker, Corporation, Bila Tserkva
Magnetic Separators, Drums, Pulleys, Overbands
$500-50,000 / pc wholesale
Magnetic Separation Equipment Promsistema Pjsc is manufacturer of...
Машиностроительный завод..., JSC, Kiev

Siemens Ebmpapst K1G220-AB73-12
UAH 3,500 / pc
Siemens Ebmpapst K1G220-AB73-12 48 V -(36-57 V) DC 110 W 2880...
Lemberg Electric, LLC, Lviv
Cicular saws for metal
30 / pc
We can offer you the following saws: • Compact HSS cicular saws for...
Lenker, Corporation, Bila Tserkva
Agitators (mixer / stirres)
Agitators for solutions. For vessel, m3: 0.1...10000 Materials: Steel 304, 316, 36 L.
Пашков В.А., SP, Dnipro
Lenker Zagen, cirkelzagen
30 / pc
Ik schrijf u om ons bedrijf . We hebben gewerkt aan de internationale...
Lenker, Corporation, Bila Tserkva
30 / pc
Wij kunnen u de volgende zagen bieden : • Compact HSS cicular zagen...
Lenker, Corporation, Bila Tserkva
"Colloid mill "MС"
$1,000 / pc
"Colloid mill "MC" Production, l/h: 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2500, 5000,...
Пашков В.А., SP, Dnipro
Cutting circular saws
$35 / pc
Cutting circular saws are intended for material cutting – tube...
Lenker, Corporation, Bila Tserkva
Agitators (Stirrer, Mixer)
1,000 / pc
This is classic economic machines designed to handle a variety of...
Пашков В.А., SP, Dnipro
Machine DWS 2 for tooth setting of the saw blade
155 / pc
Setting machine DWS 2 is intended for tooth setting of the saw blade....
Lenker, Corporation, Bila Tserkva
Sharpening device GM 2
545 / pc
Sharpening device GM 2 is intended to sharpen automatically saws by...
Lenker, Corporation, Bila Tserkva
Standard Lenker - preiswerte Bändersägen für Abbau der Balk
5 / pc
Ich fabuliert euch, auf daß zu erledigen euch ideales kaufmännisches...
Lenker, Corporation, Bila Tserkva
5 / pc
Production Technologie anheimstellt Möglichkeit, zu stählen, jeder...
Lenker, Corporation, Bila Tserkva
Equipment (machine) for profiled flooring (sheeting)
Roll-forming line for corrugated sheets Application: The automatic line is designed to produce profiled panels. Profiled panels in use: -...
Завод Эверкон, LLC, Chuhuiv
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