$900 / t  from $870 / l wholesale
Sale of oil for export from Ukraine to anywhere in the world. High...
Укрцемент, PE, Kotsiubynske
Sunflower oil
UAH 1 / t  UAH 0.90-1 / t wholesale
Export sunflower oil
Sinus Holding LLC, LLC, Kiev
Hazelnut Filbert Ukraine
Selling Hazelnut Filbert shelled crude hulled blanched in polypropylene bags of 40 kg humidity 6%, fat 65-72%, acid number (FFA) - not more...
Лучко А.Ю., SP, Kharkiv
Tomato paste
We offer a full variety of private label tomato paste. All our tomato pastes are made from 100% tomato, no additives or preservatives. We can...
Nash Product, PE, Kherson
LTD Chickenxport is selling chicken, pork & bee
Chickenexport is selling for export chicken, pork feet; beef subproducts and other products of chicken, pork and beef...
Чикенэкспорт, LLC, Kiev
A grade Frozen Beef from Ukraine
$2,700-5,000 / t wholesale
To whom it may concern Smart Agro Invest LLC a new approach to...
Смарт Агро Инвест, LLC, Kiev
500 / t  490-495 / t wholesale
Good Day, Our Company Danica Protein LTD is a producer of melted...
Даника Протеин, LLC, Horokhiv

Beet Sugar
We sell beet sugar from Ukraine. Contact us to get our quote today. Our number is our Viber/WhatsApp number.
Selling green lentils
Selling green lentils, size 5+, purity 99.95%, export documents, wholesale, machine 20 t.
Лучко А.Ю., SP, Kharkiv
Infused sunflower oil with natural exracts TMLagrima del Sol
$0.85-0.90 / pc wholesale
“City-Farm” LLC keeps up with the times and global trends and begins...
Сити-Ферма, LLC, Kiev
Cereals, flour export from Ukraine
LLC "Zagros-Trade" - exporter of packaged and weight cereals, flour and pasta. Cereals packaged and weighing on the export from Ukraine....
Загрос-Трейд, LLC, Kiev
$2.70 / kg  $2.70-8.40 / kg wholesale
Frozen/ Chilled Beef Meat from Ukraine Different cutting. ISO/ HACCP/...
Premier Food, LLC, Kiev
Big Variety of Sausages
$4 / kg  $2.80-6.70 / kg wholesale
Premium Sausages from manufacturer. Big variety of product: Beef/...
Premier Food, LLC, Kiev
Selling peanuts ukraine
Selling peanuts ukraine, Bolt, 50/60. Peanuts without shell, round, top grade CODE 1202 42 0000 In polypropylene bags of 25 kg Humidity - not...
Лучко А.Ю., SP, Kharkiv
Sunflower oil
$745 / t
Our company is officially representing 3 modern and large edible oils...
StatusGroup, PE, Kropyvnytskyi
Request For Quotation On Food Product From Ukraine
RFQ (Request for Quotation) for any product in Ukraine with reply of: * Price; * Manufacturer's full contact details; * Alternative...
Milk Shake Premialle
$0.50 / pc  $0.42-0.50 / pc wholesale
Premialle Milk Shake is delicious classics dairy cocktail, made from...
Premier Food, LLC, Kiev
Selling Beans mush in Ukraine
Selling beans mung mush, kidney beans "lopatka", "Tashkentskay" wholesale. Shipment from 20 tons. Delivery.
Лучко А.Ю., SP, Kharkiv
Kidney beans in Ukraine.
Selling kidney beans varietes : "Lopatka", "Tashkentskay", "Tomato" , size: 6+, 7+, 8+, 9+. wholesale. Shipment from 20 tons. Delivery.
Лучко А.Ю., SP, Kharkiv
Selling chickpeas in Ukraine
Selling chickpeas. Size 6+,7+. Wholesale sale.
Лучко А.Ю., SP, Kharkiv
Flagmа* Available in 52 countries