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6.8 8 Jun 2016

We are working on Ukrainian wood market and are interested in purchasing timber

0.0 28 Jan 2016

Our Сompany sells pellets and briquettes from softwood and oak 6mm and 8mm packed in big bags and 1 tone and bags of 15 kg., pacs 10 kg. Our production is located in Ukraine, sales markets are countries such as Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland and other EU countries Production capacity is...

0.0 10 Jul 2017

TGIC- Wir sind Eiche ! Willkommen bei Eiche- NGIC . Unser Betrieb ist ein Familienunternehmen mit 5 Beschäftigten und seit über 17 Jahren in Bratislava. Wir verarbeiten hauptsächlich Eiche Holz. Unsere europäische Eiche ist unbehandelt die A-Klasse. Wir haben die Strahlen in vielen Größen und...

Evrogroup, PE
0.0 8 Dec 2015

Evrogroup (Tgic)-Bratislava. Export import timber. (Eiche Balken) We are the international trading company in Slovakia. Our company is an enterprise with 7 employees since 2000 year. Currently we supply only fresh cut square edged Oak material. Major our clients are from The Netherlands,...

0.0 6 May 2016

Offering below wooden products on very excellent terms and conditions. We are big manufacturer of these woods in Ukraine. We can hand shake with you in this business- 1. Sawn timber Pine, wooden board grade- ABC 2. Beams - Pine-red 3. Pallet elements, A grade Pallet elements B grade, Pallet...

Fonte Vit, LLC
0.0 9 Jul 2016

Sawn timber, marble and granite, drilling deep wells. We have experience in the delivery of goods, drilling wells in Europe.

Forest Technology, LLC
0.0 7 Aug 2018

Forest Technology is a company, which manufactures sawn timber, linear wood products and pine fuel pellets. Nowadays the factory processes up to 5 thousand cubic meters of round timber per month. The company exports sawn timber, linear wood products and fuel pellets to European and Asian...

0.0 30 Mar 2017

Pylomaterialy obrizni i neobrizni, jalyca, cocna, osika, lypa, smereka.

0.0 20 Apr 2017

Tzob I. F. P. pylomaterialy chvojni obrizni, ta neobrizni, drova tverdolisty paleni.

0.0 27 Oct 2014

Greetings from us company . We are a logistics company with offices in Slovakia, Poland and Ukraine. One of our business developments is global industrial trade. We have a quota for exports of wood from the Department of the State Forest Fund of Ukraine. We want to increase our customer base in...

Lions Gate, LLC
0.0 19 Jan 2019

Sawn Timber / Lumber Producing &Export from Ukraine , Our sawmill located in Kiev region ( 400 km ) from Odessa Port , and looking for long terms partnership with timber buyers worldwide!

0.0 3 Jul 2019

Wooden pellets from pine trees manufacturer / exporter. A1 6mm

0.0 12 May 2017

Wood product trading international wood house and log house trading wood roof and fram production and trading all wood product for construction do not hesitate to send us your questions, we will answer you promptly

0.0 6 Nov 2017

Compania Tuya works since 1991. Type of activity - manufacturing of furniture, and wooden products.

0.0 13 Sep 2017

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren! Wir bieten Holzpellets- und Holzbrikettslieferungen freihaus. Für mehr Informationen zögern Sie nicht mich via e-mal, oder Handy zu kontaktieren.

0.0 21 May 2016

Trage. privat enterprise processing wood. we supply components and wooden pallet in Poland, Germany..., any enterprise-is self-sufficient

0.0 24 Jul 2016

Export pilomaterialav vsex vidov. dub, buk, lipa, alxa i xvoenix parod.

0.0 8 May 2018

The company is an intermediary in export of sawing materials and pallet wood. Kompanija zanimaetcja ocnovnom pocrednicheskimi operacijami. Exportom pilomaterialov, paletnoj zagotovki.

Банадр Логистикс, LLC
0.0 4 Aug 2016

Banadr Logistics is a leading company in sales and production of sawn timber in Ukraine. Our head office is located in Rivne, Ukraine. We have been working with customers from all over the world and we are proud to have strong business relationships with our customers. The timber is...

3ей ем експортс лтд, LLC
-1.0 13 Aug 2018

Export different types of goods from Ukraine to Europe and Iceland (pellets, building materials, furniture and so on)

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