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Euro Trader Group, LLC
0.6 8 Nov 2019

Signore e signori! Il marchio Euro Trader Group offre una soluzione di riscaldamento economica e di alta qualità utilizzando combustibili alternativi da materie prime rinnovabili! Lo sviluppo del mercato globale dei combustibili alternativi e dell'industria forestale ci ha stimolato a creare...

Вивавуд, LLC
0.4 17 Apr 2018

Our company Vivawood from Ukraine exports charcoal in polypropylene bags to Europe. Our charcoal is usually hardwood ( oak, horbeam, sometimes beech) and also we have mixed wood charcoal (oak, birch, ash tree and hornbeam). We load 19-22 tons of charcoal in pp bags. Quantity: 2-3 trucks/week.

0.0 17 Apr

Artis Wood LLC is a full-cycle woodworking company. Main types of products: high quality lumber and wood pellets. The company manufactures products on its own raw materials.

Biofuels Centr, LLC
0.0 14 Jun 2019

We produce in Ukraine: wood pellets quality "A1" 6 mm and 8 mm diametr wood pellets quality "A2" 6 mm and 8 mm diametr wood chips hardwood charcoal wood briquettes Nestro 65 mm and 90 mm diametr wood briquettes Pini Kay

Euro Trader Group, LLC
0.0 12 Sep 2019

Our company EuroTraderGroup offers an economical and high-quality solution for heating and providing production with alternative fuel from renewable raw materials! The development of the global alternative fuel market and the forest industry of Ukraine stimulated us to create a professional...

0.0 15 Jun 2019

We produce wood pellets (made of deadwood pine, 100%). There is almost no bark in our pellets, that is why ash content is low. We have all the certificates for our production with specifications.

0.0 26 Mar 2019

Forest Technology is a company, which manufactures pine fuel pellets, sawn timber, linear wood products. We offer A1 & A2 sorts packed in 15 kg bags & big bags. We render high-quality services and a wide range of products to each client. Forest Technology means innovative technologies,...

0.0 9 Jun 2019

Manufacture and sale of solid fuel - briquettes Pini Kay, RUF, Nestro, pellets

0.0 8 May

Holwood is a Ukrainian company manufacturing spruce beams and boards as pallet components, wooden Pini&Kay briquettes and other wooden products. All products are certified for the European market and correspond to international standards.

0.0 19 Feb

We make Pini&Kay 8-faced wooden briquettes which are packed usually in 12 pieces(weight-10 kg), wood species - oak. - our product has FSC certificate - we usually work on FCA Incoterms (but possibly another variant) - We give our costumers possibility to choose the package, it can be packed...

Pp Bevzoff, PE
0.0 9 Feb

Sawn Timber (Plank. Brussian Sleeper. and more .....) Europallet 1200 * 800 Alternative biofuels: Dean pellet 6-8mm (color white, ash 0,25) Wood Fuel Briquette RUF, Nestro, Penny Charcoal brand A, restaurant quality solid wood (hornbeam) Packing in polypropylene bag and paper bag 2.5; 3.0; 5,0;...

0.0 27 Nov 2016

Woodworking. Production of furniture and elements from solid wood.

0.0 14 Apr 2019

We are the company dealing with different kinds of wood processing. The main activities are production of planks, boards and firewoods.

Enrec, LLC
-1.0 27 Jan 2015

ENREC is Ukrainian contractor and trader of renewable energy materials such as wood pellets, wood briquettes, agripellets, charcoal, firewood and other biofuels for both home and industrial usage. We have a strongly competitive prices due to high expertise in biofuels and deep aknowledgement of...

MK Group S.A., Association
8.0 1 Mar 2015

Производство, продажа и экспорт пиломатериалов. Минимальный заказ 1 LKW

76 11 Apr 2019

Занимаюсь продажей декоративной сосновой коры, садовых бордюров, Агроволокна и Агротканей а также кислого верхового торфа.

Жердецкая О.В., SP
26 3 Jun 2015

Дрова колотые, обрезки с пилорамы, доставка дров по Киеву, продажа дуба и березы.

18.5 11 Apr 2019

Торговля изделиями из дерева, пиломатериалы, садово-парковая мебель, товары для бани

17.0 25 Sep 2012

Компания ooo "MONAS" занимается продажей и доставкой дров разных пород по Киеву и Киевской области Продажа дров колотые твердых и фруктовых пород для каминов, бань, саун и т. д. Оптовая и в розничная продажа . Цена низкая, договорная. Есть в наличии полена разных размеров. доставка по Киеву и...

16.6 16 Feb 2012

Зерновой брокер, отработка и сопровождение контрактов и поставок, торговля древесиной, агропродукцией и контейнерами

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