Dzień dobry. Jestem zainteresowany kontynuowaniem współpracy z rekrutacją Ukrainy Polska. Krótko o sobie: 50 lat, wykształcenie wyższe...
Маричка, PE, Boiarka
SEO and SMM audit of site and social page
UAH 250 / pc  UAH 200-245 / pc wholesale
Complex SEO and SMM audit of your online activities. With technical...
Firm TiM, PE, Kiev
Services of customs declarant in Odessa. All customs procedures, regulatory authorities. Spoken languages: English, Russian.
Фёдоров А.В., SP, Odessa
Business development in Ukraine
My name is EvgenPavluchenko I am a citizen of Ukraine and I live HorishniPlavnii near Kremenchuk. I am young businessman with the experience...
Павлюченко Е.О., SP, Horishni Plavni
Der medicinischer blutegel,blutegel farm - Hirudo-Med – Medi
1 / pc
Blutegel-farm, Lemberg, Ukraine. Ships Blutegel . Preis von 1...
ГирудоМед, LLC, Lviv
Car plates
Our company provides help with getting exclusive car plates, car plates with names, duplicates, car plates within American style.
Aregon-Auto, LLC, Kiev
$300 / service  $200-300 / service wholesale
Registration of LLC in Kyiv. Registration of limited liability...
Алтер Сервис, LLC, Kiev

Tailoring signal flags
Sewing of signal flags of any size. The flags are sewn, not printed.
Глобус-Д, PE, Odessa
$500 / service  $500-1,000 / service wholesale
Temporary or permanent residency permit in Kyiv Ukraine in ten days
Алтер Сервис, LLC, Kiev
Invitation to Ukraine
$200-350 / service wholesale
Do You want to visit Ukraine with business, touristic or individual...
Belo Travel, LLC, Kiev
Tourist invitation for foreigners to Ukraine
$200-350 / service wholesale
Our company in the shortest possible time will issue an invitation...
Belo Travel, LLC, Kiev
Services for non-residents of Ukraine
$200-500 / service wholesale
Non-residents of Ukraine - an opening of a commercial company on the...
Belo Travel, LLC, Kiev
Business and Private Invitations to Ukraine
$200-1,500 / service wholesale
Business and Private Invitations to Ukraine, urgently Invitation to...
Belo Travel, LLC, Kiev
Price for invitation to Ukraine
$150-300 / service wholesale
Price for invitation to Ukraine - Tourist invitation - $ 150 - Guest...
Belo Travel, LLC, Kiev
Legal services for foreigners
UAH 1 / pc
- to get residence permit in Ukraine - to Get a work Permit for...
Победа, JSC, Kiev
Open companies for non-resident in Ukrain
UAH 1 / pc
-Getting the identity code for foreigners -Business registration for...
Победа, JSC, Kiev
Assistance with immigration questions in Ukraine
UAH 1 / pc
Assistance with immigration questions in Ukraine like as:...
Победа, JSC, Kiev
Customs broker agency in Ukraine
Customs broker agency in Ukraine. Customs broker agency in Kiev
Ажур, LLC, Kiev
Legal support for foreign companies in Ukraine.
100 / service
Sale and purchase of businesses in Ukraine. Bankruptcy. Business in...
ВSB Partners, JSC, Kiev
Assistance in processing documents for foreign citizens
Assistance in processing documents for foreign citizens: - residence permit (temporary and permanent) - extension of stay in Ukraine -...
ЮФ Цитадель, LLC, Dnipro
Flagmа* Available in 48 countries