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Рулонный искусственный газон за 30мм
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Рулонный искусственный газон за 30мм - фото 1 Рулонный искусственный газон за 30мм - фото 2 Рулонный искусственный газон за 30мм - фото 3 Рулонный искусственный газон за 30мм - фото 4
Добавлено: 20 октября 2021, 05:00

Рулонный искусственный газон за 30мм

1.50 $/метр кв.
оптовая цена
1.10 - 1.90 $/метр кв.
Петрова Вера
,  Шицзячжуан, CN
на Флагма с 13 июня 2018


Artificial Grass for Commercial Use
With the development of society, people begin to pursue natural life from every aspect they can. Under such trend, artificial grass has become popular in people’s life. Now, there are more and more factories that produce artificial grass which are applied to commercial use. The technology of filling sand is cultured. Special quart sand is used to fix grass to make it stable. Then it must be spread by the rubber particles to keep the users safe.

As we all known, commercial artificial turf has outstanding commercial value. In order to meet up with people’s need, they are applied to different fields, as a commodity, grass has more advantages than natural grass. First of all, it is cheaper than nature grass. Secondly it doesn’t need frequent maintenance and it is easy to clear up and purge. So you can save much valuable time. Thirdly it can be installed in a short time. What’s more, it can keep for a long time; some special artificial grass can retain for 10 years and still look good! In a word, natural grass can’t catch up with it. They are used in shops, swimming pools, restaurants, football field, commercial events, outside or inside office, road sides or road median, parks and golf fields. So you can enjoy a visually and physically relaxing experience. Artificial grass for commercial use is perfect especially for the areas where water is in shortage or it’s difficult to water. Because artificial grass will save you huge budget and maintenance labors, meanwhile aerate an ever-lasting green surrounding for you.

Номер объявления: 12942946
,  Шицзячжуан, CN
на Флагма с 13 июня 2018

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